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Fic: he bore the scars of bad places (1692 words) by elbatross [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Shame (2011), Filth (2012)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Bruce Robertson/Brandon Sullivan
Characters: Bruce Robertson, Brandon Sullivan
Additional Tags: References to Suicide, Crossdressing, Scars, Crossover Pairings, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Post-Canon, Psychological Trauma, the whole fic is a huge spoiler, Mental Health Issues, accents in text format

Not everyone can be saved. Brandon just figures he can help the ones who have the chance to be helped.

Filth/Shame crossover with Filth set in the same year as Shame. This whole fic is a huge spoiler for both.

jeriais preguntó:

If you are up for it I would like to know the first time they kissed or the moment Erik realized he was in love.


part one, part two - this one takes place chronologically somewhere between the previous two parts


There wasn’t a moment of clarity or a sudden bolt of understanding. It was a slow realization, carried over the years of their friendship, and when it came time to ask Charles for his hand, Erik felt almost certain Charles would say yes.

“What do you think,” he asked as they sat in the dying firelight of Charles’ tent, “of marrying me?”

Charles startled. “Erik?”

“If you are serious about uniting our people, as I know you are, a political marriage would go a long way toward making that happen. I am not of insignificant status among the faerie, and your rank as king would more than satisfy. It would be prudent.”

Something about what he’d said displeased Charles, though Erik was sure it wasn’t the proposal. Exhaling, Charles said, “Right. Of course. If it’s prudent, then I’m all for it.”

“You’re upset,” Erik observed.

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black--betty preguntó:

hahahahahaha TRUE!!!! I guess I'm just off my game today!!!! I did have an idea today about charles and erik dating other people and meeting each other when one of their partners suggests a couple-swap? And they end up liking each other a HELL of a lot more than their original partner?


They’re about five minutes away from the restaurant when Erik makes another attempt.

“What if I don’t find her attractive? What if I find her too attractive? What if I hate her personality and can’t…perform?”

It’s a last ditch effort on his part – though not a terribly good one – to get out of the unorthodox outing Emma has planned for the evening. He’s still not sure why he agreed to it, and would have suspected Emma’s telepathic ‘encouragement’ if she didn’t already have him wrapped around her imperious little finger.

She reaches over and pats him on the knee, not bothering to hide her amusement at his misgivings. “You’ll be fine. Charles assures me that Moira’s quite beautiful and she has a lovely personality.”

Erik snorts. “How well do you know this ‘Charles’ anyway? Of course he’s going to like her, he’s dating her.”

“I trust his judgment, Erik. I’ve known Charles almost my entire life; I know better than he does what he finds attractive.” Emma smiles, the twinkle in her eye making him wonder what she’s not telling him. Like whether or not her ‘history’ with Charles might be the reason she’s so keen to swap partners for the night.

“Fine,” he answers, reaching for his wallet as the taxi pulls to a stop. “But I reserve the right to call things off.” And there’s no chance she’ll be as gorgeous as you.

Erik flings the doors open with an exaggerated sweep of his arm, making Emma laugh as they tumble out of the taxi. She grins at his rather blatant attempt at flattery and loops her arm through his, tugging him reluctantly towards the bistro’s front door.

“Trust me, Erik. You’ll thank me for this later, I guarantee it.”


The restaurant is warm and inviting, bustling with activity but not too loud for conversation. It’s an excellent choice if the smells are an indicator of quality, and Erik acknowledges this telepathically – if a little begrudgedly.

“Oh I didn’t pick this place,” Emma says, as the two follow the maître d’ to a quiet and slightly more spacious corner of the bistro. “Charles did. He does have exquisite taste.”

He pulls the chair out for Emma before taking a seat beside her, rolling his eyes. “I bet he does.”

Luckily, he’s saved from having to hear any more about ‘Charles’ when Emma prompts him to look up, just as their dinner companions walk into view. Plastering on a polite smile, Erik readies himself for their guests; he’s already thinking of ways to make Emma pay for what will no doubt be an excruciating evening filled with awkward tension.

To say that he’s pleasantly surprised is an understatement; Erik finds himself speechless as he stares at the couple now standing in front of him, exchanging excited greetings with Emma. The pair is strikingly beautiful, with matching chocolate tresses and perfect skin. Charles is dressed in a navy blue Armani suit, an impeccable cut that accents his broad shoulders and the blue of his eyes. Moira is gorgeous as promised, elegant in a black slip dress that just happens to contrast beautifully against Emma’s sparkling white ensemble.

“Erik,” Charles says, his voice smooth and flirty, curling around his name like a lover’s caress, “it’s so nice to meet you. Moira and I have been looking forward to this dinner all week.” He doesn’t miss the way Charles squeezes his hand lightly before helping Moira into her seat, or the way Emma’s eyes dart between the two men before settling on Moira, the women sharing a smile and a knowing look as the waiter hands them their menus.

“Well then,” Moira chuckles, clapping her hands together with unabashed delight, “are we ready to have some fun?”


“This is not how I expected the evening to go,” Erik pants, some indeterminate amount of time later, lips bruised and hair messy as Charles pushes him against the men’s room wall. He’s so hard it hurts, his erection aching all through dinner as Charles sends lewd image after lewd image at him, until Erik had to excuse himself from the table. And now the two of them are here, with his pants around his ankles and Charles’ hands wrapped around his cock and Erik thinks he owes Emma an apology for ever doubting her.

No apology necessary, Dearest, he hears, as Charles takes Erik in his mouth and swallows him down. Enjoy yourselves tonight…and Moira and I will bring breakfast in the morning.

Fic: Ashes (3690 words) by Atlas [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: mcfassy - Fandom
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Michael Fassbender/James McAvoy
Characters: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender

When his home is destroyed by one of the German’s bombs, Michael goes to live with a boy named James in an alleyway. They have the charmed life. Until James becomes ill and his lack of food catches up with him.

grey-winter preguntó:





Señoria! se me paso por completo su cumpleaños, la muy tonta de mi pensaba que era el 23 ;-; (creo que si le dijo, por el otro tumblr xD) y para acabarla no tengo mi lap, y por ende no puedo terminar su regalo u.u

Perdón! :c  

Estas son las mañanitas 
que cantaba el rey David. 
Hoy por ser dia de tu santo 
te las cantamos a ti. 
Despierta, mi bien, despierta; 
mira que ya amaneció. 
Ya los pajaritos cantan; 
la luna ya se metió 
Que linda está la manãna 
en que vengo a saludarte; 
venimos todos con gusto 
y plazer a felicitarte. 
El dia en que tu naciste 
Nacieron todas las flores 
En la fila del bautizmo 
cantaron los Ruiseñores 
Ya viene amaneciendo 
Ya la luz del dia nos dio 
Levántate de mañana 
mira que ya amaneció 
Si yo pudiera bajarte 
las estrellas y un lucero 
para poder demostrarte 
lo mucho que yo te quiero 
Con jazmines y flores 
Este dia quiero acordar 
Hoy por ser dia de tu santo 
Te venimos a cantar.


o te canto las mañanitas versión cepillin xDD 


grey-winter <3

Muchas gracias!! ToT nadie me canto en mi cumpleaños por cierto, así que doble felicidad para mi :D!!!


Las mañanitas versión cepillin XDDDDDDDDDDDD esa canción es épica!! a una amiga su mamá le puso esa canción en su cumpleaños 16 y todos moríamos de la risa XDDDD

Señorita como es que nadie le canto nada! Dx (y luego yo me equivoco de fecha xD)

La canción de cepillin no puede faltar, es algo que siempre esta presente para avergonzarnos (a cierta edad claro xD) y querer que nos como la tierra 

Aun no tengo mi lap…pero aqui un pequeño adelanto de su regalito atrasado (mateme :c)


"-Te quiero James- fue solo un pequeño susurro que inundo toda la habitación, James sonrió tiernamente, mientras se recargaba en el pecho de Michel

-Lo sé- dijo soltando una pequeña risita, por su parte Michael lo vio sorprendido y fingiendo molestia

-¡Oye! se supone que me digas, yo también mi vida, mi amor… –y no pudo terminar la frase, ya que sus labios fueron atrapados en un beso, Michel se dejó besar, tomando fuertemente a James por la cintura, dándole vuelta, quedando el sobre el escoses, mirando esos ojos que tanto lo hipnotizaban – Mientras estés conmigo, puedo hacer lo que sea- le susurro Michael después del beso”



Por suerte a mi nunca me toco que me pusieran las mañanitas de cepillin XDDD Me salve!!

Seee bueno… mi papá nunca llego para que cortáramos el pastel y cantar las mañanitas, le pareció mas importante irse de fiesta con sus amigos -__- por eso no hubo mañanitas.

Luego el pastel que compre, que en la etiqueta decía “Sabor Chocolate” resulto ser de vainilla Epic faill XDDDDDDDDDD 

OMGSSS!!! O////O escribiste un Mcfassy!!!


Anónimo preguntó:

Un regalo para ti (?), no sé si lo habrás visto ya, pero sino... seguro lo disfrutarás. Es Cherik o mejor dicho, ¡Mcfassy! www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=yrwnzT8vK0w ¡Qué lo disfrutes! ;)

La épica entrevista de Graham Norton!!! amo ese vídeo, nada mejor para las fansss :D que este momentazo Mcfassy!! 

Oh gracias querido Anon, por compartir las maravillas de Cherik/Mcfassy con el mundo!! 

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