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Or a coffee au, but there's a lot of those


Well, there are a lot of coffee shop AUs but, because you didn’t add the word shop and just said coffee, I’m going to switch it up :D

"That stuff is absolutely horrible. I don’t know how you can drink it."

Erik stops where he is, examining the ingredients of a box of coffee. He didn’t think anyone else was in the aisle with him. Slowly he lifted his head when no one else answered the other man, turning his head to find a friendly, attractive looking guy staring at him. 

"…Were you talking to me?"

"Well I wasn’t talking to myself," the stranger said, wry amusement in his voice. He gestured towards the canister Erik had in his hand, the shops’ cheap generic brand. "That stuff is about as good as drain cleaner. Drank it all through my college career, ruined coffee for life."

Erik really wasn’t sure what this guy’s angle was. He had just come to the shop to buy more coffee to get through finals week, not get accosted with small talk in the aisle, no matter how cute he thought the guy in front of him was.

"Oh you are in university? What are you studying?" The guy in front of him looked genuinely interested. Was he always so chipper at… 6:54am? Sounded tiring. Erik was not awake enough for this. He just wanted his coffee. Wait a second…

"How did you know that?" Erik was frowning now, more alert, turning towards the stranger, who looked pretty embarrassed.

"Oh where are my manners. I’m a telepath. I didn’t mean to be so invasive, you were just thinking about how much you didn’t care if the coffee was terrible you had finals to get through."

Erik blinked. A mutant? A telepath? And judging by the casual way he was reading Erik’s shielded mind, a pretty powerful one. Even as tired as he was, Erik kept his mental shields locked down tight. A habit he developed from spending so much time around Emma and her nosy personality.

"Ah, yes, your shields are rather impressive my friend, though you were taught by a class 3 telepath, and I’m a class 1."

Erik was pretty sure his jaw was somewhere on the floor now. There hadn’t been a class 1 telepath since the 1800’s, and the last class 2 telepath had died in the 80s. If class 2 was rare, class 1 was mythological. 

"Yes, first class 1 telepath since 1842, though documents back then about mutants were so poorly kept its only speculated that Sir Remington was a class 1. Unlike a physical mutation, mental ones don’t leave behind any noticeable traces for us to examine."

Erik was now also realizing he was having what seemed to be a very one sided conversation, him gaping at this stranger while the other talked out loud. For all that he was sure the stranger had gone inside his mind and gotten to know things about him, Erik still knew next to nothing about him, and a name would be nice.

Charles Xavier, pleased to meet you. If you are worried about what onlookers might think, I can communicate with you here. Erik watched in awe as he heard Charles speak but not move his mouth. He was speaking in his head!

"Magnificent," Erik said, causing Charles to blush a bit, looking quite pleased. He was cute when he blushed. Erik really hoped Charles hadn’t been hearing his thoughts about how he found the other man attractive, but by the darkening of the blush on his face, he wasn’t so lucky. The fact that he wasn’t running screaming was also a plus though.

"I, er, thank you. Your mutation is quite impressive yourself! Also a class 1, mellatokinetic and magnetic fields right?" 

Erik nodded. being a class one of a kinetic ability wasn’t quite as rare as telepathic, but it wasn’t something to scoff at either. To demonstrate his ability, Erik grabbed hold of the metal on the various soup cans in Charles cart and sent them orbiting around Charles, whose entire body lit up, laughing jovially and spinning around to follow their movements. 

"Erik that’s absolutely wonderful!" It was Erik’s turn to blush now. It was a rather simple thing, he could do so many more impressive things. 

"Would you like to get coffee?" Erik blurted, not really thinking about it before hand. He wanted to bang his head against something. Usually he was a lot smoother at these things, but it was 7am. "or whatever else they have, like tea or hot chocolate, since you don’t drink coffee."

"I would love to. Do you have time now?" Erik really didn’t but he could put off his studying for another half hour. 

"Yeah, I’ve got time." Charles gave him a look telling him he knew he didn’t but smiled anyway. 

Erik ended up forgetting to buy new coffee, but he didn’t mind. 


I find it very interesting that most people who ship Cherik see Erik as the top & dominant/sexual one and Charles as the bottom & emotional virgin. Let me remind you that Erik spent a great deal of his life knowing only pain at the hands of other people which would not lend itself well to being entirely comfortable with intimacy and Charles was the handsome player hitting on every girl who passed his way in college. He even had an original pick up line.

Rethink your smut!

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